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If a member wishes to own a firearm listed under section 1 of the Firearms Act he or she may keep it at the club (a small annual fee is payable for storage) or apply for a firearm certificate if they wish to keep it at home.


In the latter case they will need two storage safes: one for the firearm itself and a smaller one in which to keep ammunition and, in the case of a bolt-action rifle, the bolt. Both must be stored separately from the rifle.


There are a limited number of safes at the club which are available for members to rent.

On the 20th May 2014 new Forms 201 and 202 came into effect by virtue of The Firearms (Amendment) Rules 2014. The forms for applying for firearm and shotgun certificates have been further simplified. Applicants will only have to complete one form designed to be used for both applications and there will be a separate, simplified form for firearm variations (see below).

Please note that the old forms 201 and 202 will not be accepted after the 20th June. So please make sure you have the correct form.

Referee forms 125 are now obsolete. 

An application form may be downloaded here:


Met Police

Essex Police

Herts Police


 An applicant requires two referees and full information is on the website. The club will also be happy to advise you about your application.


No member can apply for a FAC unless they have served a six month probation period during which they will be required to shoot regularly.


The Police grant Firearm Certificates predominantly for single shot rifles of any calibre, self-loading .22RF rifles (and corresponding ammunition) and muzzle loading pistols and rifles. Component parts of Section 1 firearms also require a Firearm Certificate, as do accessories such as sound moderators.

The applicant must show good reason for each and every firearm held on a Firearm Certificate. The Firearm Certificate will specify the type and calibre of each firearm (and amount of corresponding ammunition) that may be possessed.


More dangerous articles classified as ‘prohibited weapons’, are covered by Section 5 of the Firearms Act and would require authority from the Secretary of State (with a small number of exceptions).


You will require two referees (download terms and conditions Make sure that you read this document before completing and submitting your application.)


For variations to a firearms certificate download form 202


Grant      £88
Renewal £62
Variation £20


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