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The muzzle loaders
At RR&PC there is strong interest in shooting muzzle loading firearms.

The Muzzle loaders meet on the club range every Tuesday from 5:00 and also shoot at the Andrews Field range which the club hires every month on the second Thursday.

We shoot a variety of pistols on the clubs indoor range. We have two .36 Remington style revolvers for members to use (powder and balls are available at a small charge) but members are usually willing to allow other enthusiasts to try out their firearms.

The club also has a Hawken .451 calible rifle which members can shoot at Andrews Field (or other appropriate outdoor ranges).

Muzzle loading is old technology and is an art rather than a science. True gunpowder (known as black powder) requires an explosives licence. This is granted by the Home Office via the relevant police force. However most people use a substitute such as Triple 7* or Pyrodex which do not require any licence. These are both permitted on the club's indoor range. Black powder may only be used on outdoor ranges.

*It seem that Triple 7 now requires an explosives licence but application of the law is inconsistant so please check with your FEO

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