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New members


New members, both new and experienced shooters, are always welcome. You will need to provide proof of identity including photo-ID and proof of address before we can allow you to shoot.


New members introduction sessions are Wednesday evening and Saturday afternoon. Prospective members must call the Club Secretary for an appointment: 07778 379655 or email: info@rodingrifleandpistolclub.org


Once you have been invited to visit please download this simple form  save it to your computer fill it in and email it to: info@rodingrifleandpistolclub.org


If you are new to shooting, you will be introduced to a match air rifle and shown how to handle firearms safely. Once the training officer is satisfied that you understand how to handle the weapon safely and can hit the target, you will be introduced to .22 rim fire gallery rifle.


Two free visits are allowed after which it is necessary to join the club. In order to join you will have to provide a referee. A reference form is attached to the apllication for membership which you can download here.Our police liaison officer will carry out the necessary checks and you will be issued with a probationary membership card. The probation period before full membership is granted is six months. During that time you will be expected to shoot at least 12 times


Whilst it is not necessary to hold a firearm certificate, it is necessary to complete the probationary period before you can apply. The club owns a wide range of firearms which are available for members to use, from air rifles and pistols, various .22 rimfire arms, a .38 underlever rifle and a .36 caliber black powder revolver all of which are suitable for use on the club range.


In addition we own larger calibre weapons which members may use at Bisley and other suitable ranges (providing an appropriate committee member is present to transport the firearms). These include 7.62 rifles, a .36 black powder revolver and a Hawken .451 muzzle loading rifle.

Before applying for membership it is important that you read and understand the
club rules
Download an application form

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