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Air Section
The Monday air section meeting is currently suspended due to lack of a range officer
Air guns may be shot on all other sessions

Learning to shoot an air rifle is the entry level for beginners at RRPC. However many take the discipline serieously and we have a thriving section dedicated to mastering this far from easy skill. both pistols and rifles are practised. The club has both types for the use of new members and the facility to recharge firearms.

Shooting any pistol is not easy. Shooting with an air pistol requires precision and dedication. Members in this section have demonstrated both with medals to show for it. Members shoot, with some success, in the winter and summer Essex 10m competitions for both pistol and rifle.

The air section is run by air secretary Cyril Berkely and meets from 3pm on Monday afternoons. it is open to all Roding members and can be a useful starting point for new members to develop skills in the safe handling of firearms which will help them if they move into live-fire disciplnes.

If you thinking about joining and are new to firearms you should download the Home Office guide to Air-Weapon safety.
Click here to download the leaflet in PDF format.

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